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WiserAdvisor has over 20 years experience in matching the right financial advisor that is best suited to individuals like you in Louisville, Kentucky. You need a financial advisor who will understand your financial situation and have the relevant financial qualifications to provide you with the right financial guidance and an insightful edge towards your financial journey.

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Each and every financial advisor in our network from large Fortune 500 companies to small independent financial firms are pre-screened for industry experience, disclosures and registrations with SEC and FINRA. Collectively, our Pre-Screened advisors, serve thousands of happy clients, managing billions of dollars and providing financial freedom and security for families and individuals like you.

Qualified Financial Advisors in Louisville, Kentucky
Financial Advisor Office Location Phone Number
Scott Sells
Lifetime Wealth Strategies
9700 Bunsen Parkway,
Louisville, KY  40299
Bill Bowers
Bowers Capital Management
1908 Meadowood Drive,
Georgetown, IN  47122

Information on Qualified Financial Advisors in Louisville

Qualifications CRD# 2608020
FirmCRD# 125112
Series 7, 24, 52, 63, 66

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based

Office Location 9700 Bunsen Parkway,
Phone Number 502-552-0478

Some of the most important lessons I have learned started at an early age and have guided me throughout my career. I am fortunate to have great parents who taught me the values of hard work, attention to detail, honesty, integrity, education, saving, and the importance of helping others. These are values I utilize in serving our clients. I have been advising professionals, retirees and business owners for over 25 years. I earned my Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designation to focus on income strategies for our retired clients. I enjoy building balanced strategies that can last a lifetime for our clients and their families. I co-founded LIFETIME WEALTH STRATEGIES to develop a better process for understanding clients' financial needs, and providing comprehensive solutions for clarity and empowerment. We have refined this proprietary planning process and call it the BoKEH formula. BoKEH stands for Balance of Knowledge Empowerment and Happiness. I earned my degree in Finance from the University of Louisville. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife Angie and dogs Bunnie and Copper. I am a member of Oxmoor Country Club, and Blairwood Tennis Center. My hobbies include golf, tennis, boating at Nolin Lake, ping pong, and watching U of L sports. Call 502-267-5433 or click here to schedule a consultation with me under no obligation.

About Lifetime Wealth Strategies

At Lifetime Wealth Strategies, we are passionate and dedicated to understanding your unique needs, empowering you with knowledge and resources, and partnering with you in appropriate financial decisions to build strategies which help provide income for your lifetime, and help preserve and protect your wealth for those important to you beyond. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to providing the highest level of service and building long-term relationships. We believe a team with diverse expertise is essential since your needs and financial markets are too complex for any one advisor. Our process of personalized financial planning is designed to help you see your current financial picture, build strategies to realize your vision of the future, and focus on what matters most to you and those important to you. We believe in stewardship, not only for our clients and their money, but also our community. We want to learn about what matters most to you and be a resource as we contribute to building a positive impact on our lives, our families, our communities, and our future. Building your Lifetime Wealth Strategies includes responsible investing to help you manage risk, mitigate volatility, and align your investments with your values.A sustainable portfolio can provide more stable, long-term growth by holding companies to higher standards for corporate responsibility and conscientious business practices. We work for you, not Wall Street. We provide objective advice focused on what matters most to you and those important to you. We design your strategies to balance building your lifetime wealth with managing and insuring against risks as you view them while optimizing tax savings to provide the greatest possible benefit to you and those important to you.

Qualifications CRD# 1576512
FirmCRD# 120895
Series 63, 65

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based

Office Location 1908 Meadowood Drive,
Phone Number 812-951-0380

I am an INDEPENDENT registered investment advisor rep who manages investment portfolios/accounts. My average client has been with me over 20 years. About half of my clients are retired. The other half are planning for retirement through 401K accounts, 403B accounts, traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Trusts, and taxable accounts. I manage accounts for investors in Indiana, Kentucky, California, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma; and can manage accounts in any state in the USA.

About Bowers Capital Management

Offers personalized financial planning, portfolio management, and investment advice for individuals. Bowers Capital does not sell short-term performance. Instead, I focus on: (1) Achieving your financial goals, (2) Efficient asset allocation, (3) Keeping you from making common killer mistakes. As your portfolio manager, I believe that investor behavior is the dominant determinant of real life returns. Through efficient risk-adjusted asset allocation, and by avoiding common killer mistakes, I believe your long-term real life returns will be significantly higher than most investors. We offer straightforward methods, unwavering discipline, and trust.

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Financial advisors help their client by providing financial advice and strategy to build wealth and eliminate risk. They assess the client's risk appetite, their unique needs and requirements, their short-term and long-term goals and guide them towards adopting the right financial plan, retirement plan, estate plan or education plan etc. as necessary. Learn more about the roles & benefits of a financial advisor.

Financial advisors strategize financial planning and help you make the right decision about your investments. They weigh the pros and cons, and are abreast with the latest industry updates regarding tax issues and investment vehicles. These valuable insights guide you to make investments that meet your financial requirements and goals such as buying a house, education, having a baby or securing your retirement. Learn more about the cost of a financial advisor?.

A financial advisor can help you manage your finances especially when you don't have the time to do it yourself or when there are major changes in your life, such as getting married or having a baby. Even if you've managed your investment on your own, the best financial planners can vet your plan and assess it from a different perspective, to add surety to your decisions. Learn more about the best time to hire a financial advisor.

While choosing a financial planner to help you with your investment decisions, it's important to do some spadework. Meet different consultants and compare and contrast their advice. Pick up clues that demonstrate their experience and integrity. It is also important to verify the credentials of an independent financial planner before making a decision. Read the guide on choosing the best financial advisor.

Finding the right person or a financial advisory firm to help with your retirement planning might take some effort, but the effort is worth it. Financial advisors might have different specializations, look for one who has had past experience in retirement planning. Also, this could translate to a long - term relationship, so it's important to find someone whom you like, trust and respect. Read here the importance of retirement planning.

A fiduciary is any person or firm who acts on behalf of another individual or firm to manage their assets. Fiduciary financial advisors provide their client the highest quality of care while maintaining 'good faith', meaning they wouldn't act in favor of anyone else's interests, including their own. The best way to be certain that a financial advisor is a fiduciary is to simply ask. Learn more about what is a fiduciary financial advisor.

A financial advisor is any person who helps their client manage their money by giving valuable investment insights to help financial decision making. A financial planner is also a financial advisor but specializes in creating comprehensive plans for their clients to match their specific goals. Learn more about financial advisor vs financial planner: Who do you need?