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About Rosecrete Wealth Management

Rosecrete derives its name from the metaphor of the rose that grew from concrete. Like the rose, many professional athletes struggled through adversity, both on and off the field, to reach their degrees of success. Despite the highly unfavorable odds of making it to the professional level, they thrived. For some, the odds of making it out of their neighborhoods alone are even more astounding. Rosecrete was founded to highlight and celebrate these amazing accomplishments. Our clients have worked extremely hard for what they've earned and we want to assist them in managing their wealth in hopes of preserving as much as possible. Understanding that professional athletes face unique financial circumstances, we are strategically positioned to assist when life's challenges arise. Rosecrete strives to be your trusted financial partner whether you are fresh into your rookie season, 10 years in as a seasoned vet, or 20 years into your retirement.

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