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Richmond, Virginia, is the capital of Virginia and is one of the oldest cities in the US. It is the fourth most populous city in Virginia and has a cost of living 4% lower than the national average. So finding a financial advisor to work with could be crucial to meet your specific financial goals. There are over 1100 financial advisors to choose from in the Richmond area. WIth so many advisors to choose from, finding the right vetted financial fiduciary advisor could be time consuming. That's where we come in. WiserAdvisor's mission is to connect people like you with vetted financial advisors with proven track records that could help you with your financial objectives.

We have been in business for the last 2 decades and constantly update and maintain a highly trusted directory of vetted fiduciary advisors that meet rigorous standards. You need a financial advisor who will understand your specific financial situation, and has the relevant financial qualifications in Richmond, Virginia.

Finding the Top Financial Advisor in Richmond, Virginia
Last Updated - 16-Mar-2023

Richmond has 1 WiserAdvisor vetted Financial Planners and Advisors for you to choose from and 122 non-vetted advisors in your local area. These financial advisors in Richmond, Virginia have an average of 25 years of experience.

NOTE: The list of financial advisors in Richmond, Virginia mentioned below do not include all the advisors in our network due to their compliance listing restrictions. More vetted advisors may be available when you use our free match service to compare financial advisors near you in Richmond, Virginia.

Qualified Financial Advisors in Richmond, Virginia
Financial Advisor Experience AUM Minimum Assets Fee Structure
Daniel R. Hill
10800 Midlothian Turnpike,
Suite 154,
Richmond, VA 23235
25 Not Specified $100,000 Fee-Only

Information on Qualified Financial Advisors in Richmond

Qualifications CRD# 3188300
Firm CRD# 149511
Series 65

Compensation/Fee Fee-Only, Hourly, Flat Fee, Based on Assets

Office Location 10800 Midlothian Turnpike,
Suite 154,
Phone Number 757-603-0323

Dan Hill is now entering his twenty-fifth year in the financial service industry. He is a 1978 graduate of The College of William and Mary School of Business Administration. He holds the professional designation of Certified Financial Planner", and has his Series 65 and Life and Health Insurance licenses. Dan has been awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary®(AIF®) designation from Fiduciary360 (fi360). The AIF® designation signifies knowledge of fiduciary responsibility and the ability to implement policies and procedures that meet a defined standard of care. Dan, and his wife, Susan, reside in Williamsburg, VA. Both of their sons, Derek, and Brett and his wife Sarah and their one year old daughter Landon, live in Richmond, VA. Dan has been an active member of the community with his involvement in Youth League and American Legion Post 39 baseball as a coach for twenty-seven years. Dan is an investment advisor representative of Hill Wealth Strategies, a state registered investment advisor, serving customers in Richmond, VA and surrounding communities. Dan's mission is to provide local families and businesses with innovative financial strategies, solutions and planning that can lead to financial clarity and security.

About Hill Wealth Strategies

In any successful relationship, TRUST is essential. When looking for a financial advisor, you deserve to know how we operate so you can make an informed decision about working with us. Our Firm knows and understands the serious consequences that can happen when people receive biased advice. For this reason, Hill Wealth Strategies, was founded, to legally and ethically act in a fiduciary capacity providing unbiased advice.

Top Financial Advisor Firms in Richmond, Virginia (Ranked by AUM)

Firm Name AUM No. of Clients Fee Structure
6641 West Broad Street , Suite 600,
Richmond, VA 23230
$23,876,800,000 4971 A percentage of AUM
Performance Based
1802 Bayberry Ct. , Suite 400,
Richmond, VA 23226-3767
$4,887,940,221 976 A percentage of AUM
Fixed fees
Performance Based
901 East Byrd Street , Suite 1001,
Richmond, VA 23219
$1,290,278,675 2511 A percentage of AUM
Fixed fees
1001 Haxall Point , Suite 705,
Richmond, VA 23219
$1,023,810,324 1264 A percentage of AUM
Hourly charges
Fixed fees
7202 Glen Forest Drive , Suite 300,
Richmond, VA 23226
$995,018,782 1243 A percentage of AUM
Hourly charges
Fixed fees
3300 W Leigh Street,
Richmond, VA 23230
$961,107,571 1581 A percentage of AUM
Hourly charges
Subscription fees
Fixed fees
5706 Grove Avenue , Suite 202,
Richmond, VA 23226
$555,548,826 300 A percentage of AUM
Fixed fees
3761 Westerre Parkway , Suite H,
Richmond, VA 23233
$287,991,136 506 A percentage of AUM
Hourly charges
4205 Dover Road,
Richmond, VA 23221
$196,092,129 787 A percentage of AUM
Hourly charges
Fixed fees
Commision Based
2917 West Leigh Street,
Richmond, VA 23230
$184,826,380 662 Fixed fees
1801 Libbie Avenue; Suite 106,
Richmond, VA 23226
$176,365,962 103 A percentage of AUM
Fixed fees
9030 Stony Point Pkwy, Ste 100,
Richmond, VA 23235
$175,037,056 401 A percentage of AUM
Fixed fees
Performance Based
7204 Glen Forest Drive , Suite #105,
Richmond, VA 23226
$171,037,580 133 A percentage of AUM
Hourly charges
Subscription fees
Fixed fees
3951 Westerre Parkway , Suite 130,
Richmond, VA 23233
$157,789,370 335 A percentage of AUM
Fixed fees
6806 Paragon Place , Suite 250,
Richmond, VA 23233
$137,755,731 220 A percentage of AUM
Hourly charges
Fixed fees

    List of Additional Advisors in Richmond, Virginia*

    * Additional advisors listing is provided in partnership with Yext

    Financial Advisor Office Location Phone Number
    Kendra Carter
    Inquire with Kendra
    2651 New Market Road, Richmond, VA  23231 804-795-7000
    Bina Doshi
    Inquire with Bina
    8001 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA  23294 804-290-0402
    Bob Sullivan
    Inquire with Bob
    901 East Byrd St, Suite 2000, Richmond, VA  23219 804-644-1187
    Carl, Myers and Associates
    Inquire with Carl,
    1021 E Cary St, Ste 1001, Richmond, VA  23219 804-965-6705
    Colin Steele
    Inquire with Colin
    1021 E Cary St, Ste 1001, Richmond, VA  23219 804-965-6758
    Corey Nesmith
    Inquire with Corey
    3951 Westerre Pkwy, Ste 100, Richmond, VA  23233 804-249-6236
    Hoppy Shores
    Inquire with Hoppy
    1021 E Cary St, Ste 1001, Richmond, VA  23219 804-965-6735
    Greg Rolen
    Inquire with Greg
    1021 E Cary St, Ste 1001, Richmond, VA  23219 804-747-1214
    Jason King
    Inquire with Jason
    1021 E Cary St, Ste 1001, Richmond, VA  23219 804-965-6700
    Charles Adams
    Inquire with Charles
    1021 E Cary St, Ste 1001, Richmond, VA  23219 804-965-6715
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      Financial advisors strategize financial planning and help you make the right decision about your investments. They weigh the pros and cons, and are abreast with the latest industry updates regarding tax issues and investment vehicles. These valuable insights guide you to make investments that meet your financial requirements and goals such as buying a house, education, having a baby or securing your retirement. Learn more about the cost of a financial advisor?.

      A financial advisor can help you manage your finances especially when you don't have the time to do it yourself or when there are major changes in your life, such as getting married or having a baby. Even if you've managed your investment on your own, the best financial planners can vet your plan and assess it from a different perspective, to add surety to your decisions. Learn more about the best time to hire a financial advisor.

      While choosing a financial planner to help you with your investment decisions, it's important to do some spadework. Meet different consultants and compare and contrast their advice. Pick up clues that demonstrate their experience and integrity. It is also important to verify the credentials of an independent financial planner before making a decision. Read the guide on choosing the best financial advisor.

      Finding the right person or a financial advisory firm to help with your retirement planning might take some effort, but the effort is worth it. Financial advisors might have different specializations, look for one who has had past experience in retirement planning. Also, this could translate to a long - term relationship, so it's important to find someone whom you like, trust and respect. Read here the importance of retirement planning.

      A fiduciary is any person or firm who acts on behalf of another individual or firm to manage their assets. Fiduciary financial advisors provide their client the highest quality of care while maintaining 'good faith', meaning they wouldn't act in favor of anyone else's interests, including their own. The best way to be certain that a financial advisor is a fiduciary is to simply ask. Learn more about what is a fiduciary financial advisor.

      A financial advisor is any person who helps their client manage their money by giving valuable investment insights to help financial decision making. A financial planner is also a financial advisor but specializes in creating comprehensive plans for their clients to match their specific goals. Learn more about financial advisor vs financial planner: Who do you need?