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Empathy. Integrity. Honor. Duty. Professionalism. Trust. Mr. Caz Levinski Craffy adheres to these values and ideals and much more as he continues to serve in the United States Army (Reserve Component), as a military officer. Mr. Craffy has been in the financial industry for twenty years helping individuals of all income levels, ranging from sub 100k wage-earners to Ultra High Net-Worth clientele. The value of ensuring every consult, planning, and deal done, is done with utmost LDRSHIP.

LDRSHIP is the Army acronym for the seven basic and core values Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. LDRSHIP is what Mr. Craffy continues and strives to do with every client, large or small, ensuring unparalleled client satisfaction, due care, due diligence, empathy, Mr. Craffy is a proud husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and Soldier.

Caz is licensed as an insurance consultant with his resident license, being in New Jersey. Caz also holds numerous certifications and excelling in his empathy when dealing with all clients. He understands the PERSON just as much as he understands their PORTFOLIO. That's what makes his approach and his success incomparable to his peers.

Caz has an MBA from Rutgers Business School, Bachelors in Finance from St. John's University (Queen's campus), certifications in ChFM ® (Chartered Financial Manager), CWM® (Certified Wealth Manager), AMC ® (Accredited Management Consultant), CTEP® (Certified Trust and Estate Planner), CGRC" (Certified Governance & Risk Consultant), and AFA® (Accredited Financial Analyst). Lastly, as part of making his clients' lives as easy as possible, Caz is also a Commissioned Notary Public of the State of New Jersey, ID# 50144570.

About Monmouth Capital Management


We aspire to earn the trust of all of our clients and to be a company that provides them with a steady flow of knowledge, advice, and services. By earning trust, we build growth.

Our vision gives context and meaning to our work. It gives us direction. It is the collective spirit we build as a team. By earning trust, we develop the human connectivity and mutual confidence that generates strong, long-term relationships.

We are creating a unique way of working at Monmouth Capital Management.

Our winning attitude drives our Leadership Behaviors. Our Leadership Behaviors and Operating Principles help us shape our culture. Each one of us has a direct impact on the good things we do for our clients. We strive to build long-term, high-performance relationships.


Everything we do is guided by a set of principles and rules that define our character and culture; putting our clients' interests first has been at our forefront since our inception. Above all, we have made it our highest priority to serve the needs of our investors with guiding principles of Accountability, Integrity, Teamwork, and accepting nothing less than Excellence. This commitment is reflected through our professionalism and our passion for excellence. Our values lead us to operate with prudence, financial discipline, long-term perspective, and valuing trust as something we must earn every day.

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General Information

Firm Start Year:   2003
No.of Employees:   10-19
Name of Broker/Dealer:   Monmouth Capital Management
Name of Custodial Firm:   AXOS Clearing
States Licensed in:   NY; NJ; CA; MD; VA; CO; MD; FL; TX; PA
Number of Years with Current Firm:   1
Work Experience:   Mr. Craffy has worked in the financial sector for over twenty-plus years. He has worked with individuals across all income streams and continues to offer unparalleled service to all, regardless of portfolio size. Utilizing the same values and beliefs he learned and instilled into those men and women he led in combat overseas, Mr. Craffy will ensure all due care when structuring any portfolio and communicating the pros and cons, as a fiduciary working only for the best needs of his clients. Mr. Craffy has advised multi-national corporations to include those listed on the NYSE, DOW, NASDAQ. Mr. Craffy has also consulted and advised sovereign nations, assisted in the budgetary overall of entire nations, and continues to be a thought leader in the strategic development of financial, generational, and risk-management portfolios.
Work with the following types of clients:   Investment Clubs, Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Individual Investors
Foreign Languages Serviced:   English
Advisory Services Provided:   Financial Advice & Consulting, Estate Planning & Trusts, Insurance Products & Annuities, Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning, 401K Rollovers, Wealth Management, Money Management, Risk Management, Education Funding and Planning, Financial Planning for Individuals, Financial Planning for Businesses, Tax Advice and Services, Legal Advice and Services, Investment Advice & Management


Investment Types:   FOREX & Currency, Mutual Funds, Alternative Investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Mortgages & Real Estate, Insurance, Annuities, Stocks, Bonds, Options & Futures, Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)
Can meet clients in the following ways:   Video Conference, Your Home, Via Email, Our Office, Your Office, Via Phone

Qualifications & Memberships

Insurance and Annuity Licenses:   Variable Life, Long Term Care, Variable Annuity, HMO, Life, Health, Annuity, Accident, Disability

Firm Information

Firm's Number of Clients:   980
Firm's Number of Planning Clients:   624
Firm's Number of Managed Clients:   786
Assets Managed by Firm:   969,000,000
Advisor's Number of Clients:   84
Advisor's Number of Managed Clients:   71
Advisor's Number of Planning Clients:   84
Assets Managed by Advisor:   $121,000,000

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure:   Fee-Based
Minimum Portfolio Size for New Managed Accounts:   250,000
Compensation Methods:   Commissions, Flat Fee, Based on Assets, Hourly
Fee % Based on Assets:   2
Hourly Rate:   $500
Additional Details on Charges:   Flat Fee: $6,000

The initial consultation will determine which service is most appropriate for a client.
Minimum Fee Charged for Managed Accounts:   1.5
Minimum Fee Charged for Hourly Planning Accounts:   $500


Masters in Business Administration   Rutgers Business Scool  - Newark, NJ
Bachelors of Science  - Finance   St. John's University  - NY, NY
Doctorate in Business Administration  - FInance   CUNY Baruch, Zicklin School of Business  - New York, NY

Financial Services

Financial Planning for Businesses

- Assess the business environment - Confirm the business vision and objectives - Identify the types of resources needed to achieve these objectives - Quantify the amount of resource (labor, equipment, materials) - Calculate the total cost of each type of resource - Summarize the costs to create a budget - Identify any risks and issues with the budget set.

Financial Advice & Consulting

- Meet personally with clients to assess their financial situation to present a financial plan that includes both short- and long-term financial goals. - Help clients with financial planning decisions for retirement, education, day-to-day expenses, and investments. - Meet regularly with clients to assess how life changes such as marriage, job change, or the birth of a child will affect the client's financial portfolio.

Financial Planning for Individuals

Elements should be addressed: - Retirement strategy: No matter what your priorities are, the plan should include a strategy for accumulating the retirement income you need. - Comprehensive risk management plan: That includes a review of life and disability insurance, personal liability coverage, property and casualty coverage, and catastrophic coverage. - Long-term investment plan: A customized plan based on specific investment objectives and a personal risk tolerance profile. - Tax reduction strategy: A strategy for minimizing taxes on personal income to the extent allowed by the tax code. - Estate plan: Arrangements for the benefit and protection of your heirs.

Portfolio Management

- Utilizing structured processes underpinned by decision science, and enabled where appropriate by software tools. - Provide and embed custom solutions, or simply advise on best practice. These

Retirement Planning

- When to take Social Security benefits in a way that is best for you - What pension distribution choices are right for you - If an annuity is a suitable investment for you - Which accounts to take withdrawals from each year, and in what amounts, to minimize the retirement taxes you will pay - The amount of retirement income you could reasonably expect to have - What withdrawal rate is appropriate when taking money from a traditional portfolio - How much of your money should be in guaranteed investments - What types of taxable income your investments will generate - How you can rearrange investments to reduce taxable income in retirement - Whether you should leave your money in your company plan or roll it into an IRA account - If you should pay off your mortgage before or during retirement - If a reverse mortgage is a good option for you - If you need long-term care insurance - Whether you should keep your life insurance policies or not

401K Rollovers

Items and strategies discussed consist of: - Wait until you are vested. - Factors involved in initiating a direct rollover to a new employer account. - Seeking lower-cost investments. - Accounting for your age when setting up a 401k or pondering rolling over to another qualified account - Considering creditor protections offered in a 401k plan vs other planning options. - Leaving employer stock behind. - Not cashing out your plan.

Insurance Planning

Insurance is an essential part of any financial plan. As a fiduciary, I advise all my clients of when I divide the financial conversation with them into two parts; telling them that I am changing hats from financial planner to insurance broker. Clients appreciate the in-house aspect.


Annuities can be a valuable supplement to retirement planning. It may enable a client to turn a lump sum of money into a steady income stream for a set number of years, or even the rest of your life. Uses of annuities may include, among other things, accumulating assets, supplementing Social Security or a pension, and receiving income for life.

Estate Planning & Trusts

Establishing your estate plan can never be done too early or one having to be a millionaire to start one. Securely and continuing your legacy is imperative in any financial planning process. Items and areas of discussion: - Will - Trust -Life Insurance - Tax exclusions

Tax Advice and Services

The ability to earn an income comes with planning for the tax impact on your earnings. Tax planning should be driven by your overall financial goals and integrated with your total financial plan. Items of discussion and focus: - Harvesting tax losses - Monitoring our clients' marginal tax rates, capital loss carry-forwards, and Alternative Minimum Tax situations - Selecting investments with the best after-tax returns - Staying aware of significant investment-related changes in the tax code, including changes in the capital gains tax rate, dividend tax rate, tax brackets, IRA contribution limits, etc. - Planning Charitable Giving to maximize tax benefits Having a tax-efficient retirement income strategy could be the single most important thing you can do to maximize your income in retirement. It can potentially mean the difference of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax savings.

Education Funding and Planning

Planning for one's child's educational future can be quite stressful for any parent. When it comes to education planning, it is imperative that all possibilities be considered when making projections and delivering recommendations. Life is unpredictable by nature and weighing how different scenarios can impact the probability of success is paramount.

Investment Advice & Management

Topics covered with a client, based on each situation: - What to invest in - Whether to buy stocks or mutual funds - If you should invest in index funds or actively managed funds - Which investments to use inside of your retirement accounts - Which investments you should own in non-retirement - accounts - What risks are associated with each investment - The expected rate of return you might receive from your portfolio - What types of taxable income your investments will generate - How you can rearrange investments to reduce taxable income - What taxes you will incur when you buy or sell investments

Wealth Management

Wealth management involves managing the financial assets of high net worth individuals and families through careful counseling, guidance, and planning. I take a comprehensive approach that combines all the issues that affect a client's current financial position and future goals, including: a comprehensive approach that combines all the issues that affect a client's current financial position and future goals, including: - Banking services (including cash management and loans) - Business planning - Charitable giving planning - Estate planning - Investment advice - Legal advice - Portfolio management - Retirement planning - Risk management and asset protection (including insurance requirements and shielding wealth from liabilities) - Tax advice

Risk Management

Investments of all types come with some degree of risk. Such forms consist of high inflation, volatility in capital markets, recession, or bankruptcy, economic risks are a part of every financial decision you make. To assess volatility and help you determine how much risk your portfolio can safely handle, an analysis of the etirety of the portfolio is made to ensure proper diversification, the amount of risk a client is able to handle, and whether or not particular opportunities are worth the risk in the long-run.

Money Management

Exercises proper money management discipline is paramount for all other areas in the financial advisory model and maximizes portfolio success. Money management areas analyzed, enhanced, or created consists of: - Devising a budget - Creating a budget - Limiting debt - Using credit cards wisely - Monitoring your credit score - Considering your family plan (auto, home, life, disability, LTC, living will, healthcare power of attorney) - Paying off student loans - Planning (and saving) for retirement - Maximizing tax breaks - Giving yourself a break (vacation, special purchase, night on the town)


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