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Find the Best Financial Advisors in Nebraska

Nebraska is a state with a population of over 1.9 million people and a cost of living that is 8% lower than the national average. Compared to other states, Nebraska residents may have access to various opportunities for financial growth due to the state's low costs. However, finding the right financial advisor who can provide guidance on investment strategies, retirement planning, estate planning, wealth management, and more can be challenging. Below you will find WiserAdvisor's directory of pre-screened financial advisors in Nebraska, providing you with a convenient and efficient way to find and compare qualified financial advisors. Therefore, if you're looking for a trustworthy financial advisor in Nebraska, browse our list of vetted financial advisors and advisory firms and connect with the right advisor based on your specific financial needs.

Finding the Top Financial Advisor in Nebraska

Last Updated - May 13, 2024

Nebraska has 3 WiserAdvisor vetted Financial Planners and Advisors on the online list below for you to choose from. These financial advisors in Nebraska have an average of 13 years of experience.

NOTE: The list of vetted financial advisors in Nebraska mentioned below does not include all the advisors in our network due to their compliance listing restrictions. More vetted advisors may be available when you use our free match service to compare financial advisors near you in Nebraska.

List of Qualified Financial Advisors in Nebraska

Financial Advisor Experience AUM Minimum Assets Fee Structure
Christopher Ziola
18881 West Dodge Road, Suite 240W,
Omaha, NE 68022
17 Years Not Specified Not Specified Fee-Based
Geoffrey Hemenway
5310 S 139th Plz Ste 301,
Omaha, NE 68137
9 Years $37,000,000 $250,000 Fee-Based
Carson Wealth
14600 Branch Street,
Omaha, NE 68154
Not Disclosed Not Specified $100,000 Fee-Based

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Information on Qualified Financial Advisors in Nebraska

Qualifications CRD# 5575697
Firm CRD# 104510
Series 66

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based

Office Location 18881 West Dodge Road, Suite 240W,
Phone Number 402-506-9241

When my mother was ill in 2008, instead of discussing finances, insurance and estate issues, I was able to spend quality time with her before she passed because she had done the appropriate planning - before getting sick. And it's her memory that inspires me to help my clients be proactive with their financial planning.

About Edelman Financial Engines, LLC

Edelman Financial Engines, LLC

Since 1986, Edelman Financial Engines has been committed to always acting in the best interest of our clients. We were founded on the belief that all American investors - not just the wealthy - deserve access to personalized, comprehensive financial planning and investment advice. Today, we are America's top independent financial planning and investment advisor, recognized by both InvestmentNews1 and Barron's2, with 180+ planner offices across the country and entrusted by more than 1.1 million clients to manage more than $200 billion in assets. Our unique approach to serving clients combines our advanced methodology and proprietary technology with the attention of a dedicated personal financial planner. Every client's situation and goals are unique, and the powerful fusion of high-tech and high-touch allows Edelman Financial Engines to deliver the personal plan and financial confidence that everyone deserves. 1Ranking and status for 2017. For independence methodology and ranking, see InvestmentNews Center (http://data.investmentnews.com/ria/); 2The Top 40 Independent Advisory Firm Ranking issued by Barron's is qualitative and quantitative, including assets managed, the size and experience of teams, and the regulatory records of the advisers and firms. Firms elect to participate, but do not pay to be included in the ranking. Investor returns/experience are not considered. 2018 ranking refers to Edelman Financial Services (EFS), which combined its advisory business in its entirety with Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C. (FEA) in November 2018. For the same survey, FEA received a precombination ranking of twelfth.

Qualifications CRD# 6382170
Firm CRD# 6413
Series 6, 7, 63, 65

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based, Hourly, Based on Assets

Office Location 5310 S 139th Plz Ste 301,
Phone Number 402-204-4201

Geoffrey J. Hemenway is a Financial Advisor and Financial Planner, in Kaneohe. He joined Hemenway Financial Services, a group of independent advisors registered with LPL Financial, in 2014. In 2020, Geoff purchased Hemenway Financial Services from his late grandfather, Joseph Hemenway. Geoff is passionate about helping individuals and families to plan and work toward their unique goals as they approach and enjoy retirement (or as he likes to call it - Financial Independence). Geoff proudly has a Bachelor of Science degree from Creighton University. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Shannon, and son, Joseph, along with friends and family. He is also a big sports fan and enjoys traveling

About Hemenway Financial Services

Hemenway Financial Services

Here at Hemenway Financial Services, we hope to help you and your family find a path towards achieving your goals. We do this by working with you to build a comprehensive financial plan or, if needed, individual topic planning. In doing this, we hope to align what's important to you (family, travel, financial independence, charity/community etc.) with how you utilize and how you invest your money. We work mostly with people that are approaching (5-10 years before) and in retirement. We feel that we have a strong history of helping families to plan for this stage in life. We've also helped several of our client's adult children with planning in the different stages of their life. We'd love an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for you and your situation.

Advisory Services Provided:

Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, 401K Rollovers, Wealth Management, Risk Management, Education Funding and Planning, Financial Advice & Consulting, Financial Planning for Individuals, Investment Advice & Management, Tax Advice and Services, Insurance Products & Annuities

Qualifications Firm CRD# 155344

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based, Based on Assets

Office Location 14600 Branch Street,
Phone Number 888-829-1791

About Carson Wealth

Carson Wealth

Get wealth management and financial advice from Carson Partner's award-winning network of fiduciary advisors. Let us help you define your why and create a financial plan designed to let you live out your unique vision of freedom. Ranked by Barron's as one of the Top RIA Firms in the nation, Carson currently manages $21 billion in assets, serving over 45,000 families through its network of more than 460 financial advisors in 190+ offices throughout the country.

Advisory Services Provided:

Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning, Financial Advice & Consulting, Financial Planning for Individuals, Financial Planning for Businesses, Investment Advice & Management

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Top Financial Advisor Firms in Nebraska (Ranked by AUM)

Firm Name No. of Advisors No. of Clients AUM Fee Structure
17605 Wright St, Omaha, NE 68130
326 176366 $53,283,016,878
A Percentage of AUM, Fixed Fees, Performance Based
12325 Port Grace Blvd., La Vista, NE 68128-8204
3748 200228 $38,163,842,160
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees
5945 R Street, Lincoln, NE 68505-3402
50 1823 $23,108,472,280
14600 Branch St., Omaha, NE 68154
1111 96956 $19,943,561,186
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees, Other (SOLICITOR FEES FROM OTHER INVESTMENT ADVISORS)
5900 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68510
592 35218 $8,534,798,484
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees, Other (SOLICITOR FEES)
13333 California St, Suite 500, Omaha, NE 68154
75 2277 $7,549,835,558
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees, Other (CONSULTING)
12325 Port Grace Blvd., Lavista, NE 68128
1844 30789 $6,428,973,356
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees
9140 W Dodge Road, Suite 230, Omaha, NE 68114
262 20842 $5,305,999,278
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees
1125 South 103rd Street, Suite 200, Omaha, NE 68124-1071
36 24 $3,604,320,081
A Percentage of AUM
121 South 13th Street, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68508-1911
3 9 $3,524,536,283
A Percentage of AUM, Performance Based
13710 Fnb Parkway, Suite 205, Omaha, NE 68154
9 264 $3,393,279,476
A Percentage of AUM
1601 Dodge Street, Suite 3800, Omaha, NE 68102
29 10 $2,899,792,229
A Percentage of AUM, Performance Based, Other (SEE SCHEDULE D - MISCELLANEOUS)
14301 First National Bank Parkway, Suite 110, Omaha, NE 68154
122 3166 $2,422,058,927
A Percentage of AUM, Fixed Fees
14010 Fnb Parkway, Suite 200, Omaha, NE 68154
37 1794 $2,420,210,912
A Percentage of AUM
125 South 4th Street, Norfolk, NE 68701
60 3334 $2,348,931,303
A Percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed Fees

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To find a reputable financial advisor in Nebraska, you can start by asking for referrals from friends and family members who have worked with financial advisors in the past. You can also research financial advisors online using respected regulatory organizations like FINRA and the SEC., and look for credentials such as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. For a convenient and reliable option, we recommend using the free financial advisor match tool that helps you connect with pre-screened and vetted advisors specifically matched to your financial goals.

    When choosing a financial advisor in Nebraska, look for some common credentials like Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), etc. These designations indicate that the advisor has undergone rigorous training and testing in the field of financial planning and is committed to upholding high ethical standards. To ensure you are making a more informed decision while picking an advisor, explore the 6 common financial advisor certifications you need to know. To further explore the various credentials an advisor can hold, read more about advisor designations.

    Working with a financial advisor in Nebraska can offer many benefits. As the advisor's client, you can benefit from the advisor's extensive knowledge, experience, and perspective resulting in you gaining peace of mind. Working with a financial advisor can also save you time managing your finances, help minimize investment risks, and potentially increase your investment returns as they can also help you identify areas of financial weakness and recommend strategies for improvement. To learn more, read further about the benefits of working with a financial advisor.

    Financial advisors in Nebraska may offer a range of services, such as investment management, retirement planning, wealth management, estate planning, and more. Some advisors may specialize in one area, while others may offer multiple financial services. By clicking on the "View full profile" button of any vetted financial advisor in our Nebraska directory, you can access detailed information about an advisor's services, fees, credentials, and more. In the "Advisory Services Provided" section, you will be able to confirm what specific services are offered by an advisor.

    When choosing a financial advisor in Nebraska, it's important to consider key factors including an advisor's qualifications, experience, and method of compensation. Additionally, it's important to consider their investment philosophy, approach to financial management, and whether a financial advisor is bound to act in your best interests. To ensure you are making an informed decision and choosing the right financial advisor to manage your finances, we recommend our guide on the 5 things to consider when hiring a financial advisor.

    Financial advisors in Nebraska can be compensated through fees, commissions, or a mix of both. Fee-only advisors charge fees solely for their services and don't earn commissions from product sales. Fee-based advisors may follow a hybrid model, combining commissions and fees. Commission-based advisors earn their income solely by selling financial products and receive a percentage of the sale. To learn more about financial advisor fees and the factors affecting them, explore the costs of hiring a financial advisor.

    Yes, a financial advisor in Nebraska can help you with estate planning by creating a plan that outlines how your assets will be distributed after your death. They can help you create a will, set up trusts, designate beneficiaries, and minimize estate taxes. They can also help you choose a power of attorney and healthcare proxy to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Read on to better understand how financial advisors listed on our directory can assist you with estate planning in Nebraska.

    How often you should meet with your financial advisor in Nebraska may depend on your specific financial situation and goals. For complex finances, you may need to meet with your financial advisor weekly or monthly, while for those with regular income and simpler investments, quarterly or annual meetings may be enough. Your advisor can assist in determining the suitable meeting frequency based on your circumstances. Read on to learn more about how often you should meet with your advisor.

    During the initial consultation with a potential financial advisor in Nebraska, it's recommended to ask them about their experience, areas of expertise, investment philosophy, fee and compensation methods, and their approach to financial planning. You should also ask about their fiduciary duty, which means they are legally and ethically bound to act in your best interests. It's important to choose an advisor who communicates clearly and transparently and whose values align with your own. To further understand if a financial advisor is best suited to your financial needs, consider using the following 10 key questions you should ask your financial advisor.

    To check if a financial advisor in Nebraska has any disciplinary actions or complaints filed against them, you can use the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's (FINRA) BrokerCheck tool. This tool enables individuals to complete a thorough background check on financial professionals like brokers, brokerage firms, financial advisors, investment advisors, advising firms, etc. The detailed information provided through BrokerCheck includes their employment history, certifications, licenses, and active or past violations within the last ten years so that you can make an informed decision while hiring an advisor. We recommend using this guide to learn how to use BrokerCheck to evaluate a financial advisor's credentials.

    Yes, a financial advisor in Nebraska can provide valuable guidance on optimizing your Social Security benefits by analyzing your unique financial situation. They can help you determine the most advantageous age to start claiming benefits based on factors such as your expected lifespan, other sources of income, and individual goals. They'll consider how working during retirement and potential tax implications might impact your benefits. Through careful analysis and personalized strategies, they can assist you in making informed decisions that maximize your Social Security benefits over the long term. To learn more about how you can further benefit from the help of a retirement planner, explore why you should hire a retirement advisor.

    Financial advisors typically recommend various investment strategies based on their client's financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Common investment strategies include diversification, asset allocation, long-term investing, and periodic portfolio rebalancing. To better understand your portfolio and discover how a financial advisor can support your investment strategies, read about the following 8 questions to ask your financial advisor about your investment portfolio.

    Yes, reading reviews or testimonials from other clients who have worked with a financial advisor in Nebraska can be helpful when choosing a financial advisor best suited for your goals. You may also want to consider your specific financial needs, conduct thorough background checks, look for relevant credentials, and research advisor's fee structures. By following these steps, you can make a more informed choice when selecting a financial advisor who meets your specific needs and demonstrates the necessary credentials and ethical standards. For more information, refer to this guide on choosing the best financial advisor in Nebraska.

    To ensure that a financial advisor in Nebraska prioritizes your best interests, seek out advisors who adhere to a fiduciary standard, which legally obligates them to act in your best interests and avoid conflicts of interest. When selecting an advisor, inquire about their fiduciary status and how they will consistently prioritize your interests. To make sure your best interests are being considered, learn more about the role of a fiduciary financial advisor and the support they can provide.

    Yes, a financial advisor in Nebraska can help you prepare for your child's college expenses by analyzing your current financial situation, setting college savings goals, and providing guidance on college savings vehicles, such as the 529 College Savings Plan. Advisors can also help you navigate financial aid options when it is time for your child to go to college. To learn more about effective ways to save for college, read on about the best approaches to plan for a college education.

    Yes, there are financial advisors in Nebraska who specialize in helping individuals who are retiring without a retirement plan. These advisors understand the unique challenges faced by individuals in this situation and can provide guidance on creating a financial roadmap for retirement. They may assist in developing strategies to maximize savings, establish a sustainable retirement income, and explore investment options suited for late-stage retirement planning. To gain a deeper understanding of late-life retirement planning, read on about how to plan for retirement if you start late in life.