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About Veritas Strategies

You can have money and still not be happy. Thats why Veritas Strategies doesnt focus on money or the dollar-value of investments. We focus on true contentment and true wealth  however you define them. Veritas means true, and truth is at the heart of our financial planning philosophy. For some, true wealth is simply having enough to help eliminate financial concerns. For others, its the freedom to travel, the power to be generous, or the resources to follow a dream. Our planning focuses on true wealth. So instead of simply sitting in a binder gathering dust, your Veritas plan helps you actively translate Biblical values such as freedom from debt, generosity, responsibility and discipline into true wealth and the chance to live more meaningfully  and joyfully  every day of your life. Learn more about our approach

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Services:   Asset Management, Cash Flow Analysis, Budget Management, Risk Assessment, Investment Assessment, Investment Services, Insurance

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