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Find Top Financial Advisors in Roseville, California

There are hundreds of financial professionals in your area. However, choosing the right advisor that understands your financial situation and meets your needs may be quite daunting. WiserAdvisor has a network of vetted financial advisors and advisory firms and has listed them below. You can find the details of each advisor, such as their qualifications, service offerings, etc., that you could use while searching for the financial advisor that best suits your financial and investment goals.

We have been in business for the last 2 decades and constantly update and maintain a highly trusted directory of vetted fiduciary advisors that meet rigorous standards.

Finding the Top Financial Advisor in Roseville, California

Last Updated - November 22, 2023

Roseville has 5 WiserAdvisor vetted Financial Planners and Advisors on the online list below for you to choose from and 104 non-vetted advisors in your local area. These financial advisors in Roseville, California have an average of 25 years of experience.

NOTE: The list of vetted financial advisors in Roseville, California mentioned below does not include all the advisors in our network due to their compliance listing restrictions. More vetted advisors may be available when you use our free match service to compare financial advisors near you in Roseville, California.

Qualified Financial Advisors in Roseville, California

Financial Advisor Experience AUM Minimum Assets Fee Structure
Brian Malkinson
3017 Douglas Blvd,
Roseville, CA 95661
10 Years Not Specified $250,000 Fee-Only
Allworth Financial
3017 Douglas Blvd,
Roseville, CA 95661
8775 Folsom Blvd Suite 100,
Sacramento, CA 95826
8775 Folsom Blvd Suite 100,
Sacramento, CA 95826
Not Disclosed $10,000,000,000 Not Specified Fee-Based
DeCamilla Capital Management
4101 J Street,
Suite B,
Sacramento, CA 95819
40 Years Not Specified $100,000 Fee-Only

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Information on Qualified Financial Advisors in Roseville, California

Qualifications CRD# 6952754
Firm CRD# 143665
Series 65

Compensation/Fee Fee-Only, Based on Assets

Office Location 3017 Douglas Blvd,
Phone Number 916-509-3231

With offices in both ROSEVILLE and CARLSBAD, Brian's devotion to helping people is what has driven him throughout his career. A career with more than a decade of experience in financial advisement, planning, and management. It is his diversified experience that has shaped Brian's approach to wealth management, asset management, and retirement planning. This knowledge along with his commitment to understanding every client's needs ensures a unique experience for both clients and businesses looking to plan for their future. The advisor to client relationship is extremely important for Brian's business as he believes investment decisions should be driven by more than just risk tolerance or suitability but by a sound financial plan that is specific to each client's goals and values. Outside of his career as a financial advisor with HBW, Brian has owned multiple businesses as both a sole proprietor and corporate executive. As a former educator, Brian has taught at multiple universities and developed certification programs for multiple organizations. A father of four children, Brian understands the importance of planning for the future and protecting what matters most.

About HBW Advisory Services

HBW Advisory Services

HBW has been a family-owned business since its founding in 1991. The financial world has changed a lot since then. But since our first day we have tried to treat every client as part of the family. That has not changed. HBW's most basic belief and guiding principle is in providing our advisors and clients the tools they need to stay the course, to stick to their financial plans, to seek control of the factors that form the basis of all other investment success: saving, asset protection through insurance, and tax planning. We also believe our clients relationship with their advisor is among their most important assets when times are challenging. Quite simply, we believe advice from most independent financial advisors will be better than advice from anywhere else. Our view is that products are products. Real solutions are based on values and goals, not hypothetical investment returns, fear-based sales tactics or big company guarantees crippled by the fine print. Why deal with some firm's inherent conflict of interest if you do not have to? We are committed to people and families: committed to helping our clients fulfill hopes, accomplish goals, and realize dreams. HBW Advisory Services LLC, is a Registered Investment Advisory Services Company entrusted with over $1 billion in client assets under management.

Advisory Services Provided:

Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning, 401K Rollovers, Wealth Management, Money Management, Risk Management, Education Funding and Planning, Financial Advice & Consulting, Financial Planning for Individuals, Financial Planning for Businesses, Investment Advice & Management, Tax Advice and Services, Estate Planning & Trusts, Insurance Products & Annuities

Qualifications Firm CRD# 111167

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based

Office Location 3017 Douglas Blvd,
Phone Number 888-242-6766

Office Location 8775 Folsom Blvd Suite 100,
Sacramento,CA 95826
Phone Number 888-242-6766

Office Location 8775 Folsom Blvd Suite 100,
Sacramento,CA 95826
Phone Number 888-242-6766

About Allworth Financial

Allworth Financial

Based out of Sacramento, California, Allworth Financial is an independent financial advisory firm that specializes in retirement planning, investment advising, and 401(k) management with a direct approach to financial planning. Allworth delivers long- and short-term investment planning solutions and advice to help clients achieve their goals and plan strategically for retirement. The firm, which was founded in 1993, has grown to serve more than 12,000 clients and manages over $10 billion in client assets.

Advisory Services Provided:

Retirement Planning, Tax Advice and Services, Estate Planning & Trusts

Qualifications CRD# 108027
Firm CRD# 108027
Series 7, 65

Compensation/Fee Fee-Only, Based on Assets

Office Location 4101 J Street,
Suite B,
Phone Number 916-979-0870

About DeCamilla Capital Management, LLC

DeCamilla Capital Management, LLC

A private independent money management firm established in 1998, DeCamilla Capital customizes and manages enterprise-driven investment portfolios. We operate as investment fiduciaries on behalf of our customers' sharing our knowledge, building trust and confidence, and serving in a dutiful manner in managing the assets of our clients for their exclusive benefit. We do this work because we believe investment advisers should not be salespeople but should provide ethical investment guidance and expertise. Our lean yet robust nature enables us to put more focus on individual customers and their investment needs and goals using our 30 plus years of investment experience. We service clients nationwide from our main office in Sacramento, California.

Advisory Services Provided:

Portfolio Management, 401K Rollovers, Wealth Management, Money Management, Financial Advice & Consulting, Investment Advice & Management

Customer Reviews

Top Financial Advisor Firms in Roseville, California (Ranked by AUM)

Firm Name No. of Advisors No. of Clients AUM Fee Structure
1420 Rocky Ridge Drive, #140, Roseville, CA 95661
11 962 $1,180,915,865
A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
1075 Creekside Ridge Drive, Suite 160, Roseville, CA 95678
26 1136 $471,901,381
A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees, Other (SELECTION OF OTHER ADVISERS FEES)
3007 Douglas Boulevard, Suite 150, Roseville, CA 95661-4236
9 1449 $374,010,519
A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
3741 Douglas Blvd, Ste 130, Roseville, CA 95661
3 87 $246,000,000
A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
341 Lincoln Street, Roseville, CA 95661
3 361 $228,048,851
A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
1420 Rocky Ridge Drive, Suite 250, Roseville, CA 95661
4 347 $184,410,000
A percentage of AUM
3001 Douglas Blvd, Ste. 142, Roseville, CA 95661
7 846 $173,609,802
A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
2271 Lava Ridge Court, Suite 200, Roseville, CA 95661
4 700 $159,202,231
A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
1508 Eureka Road, Suite 145, Roseville, CA 95661
1 285 $120,176,814
A percentage of AUM
3400 Douglas Blvd., Suite 150, Roseville, CA 95661
2 499 $108,200,000
A percentage of AUM, Fixed fees, Other (CO-ADVISOR FEES)
915 Highland Point Drive, Ste. 250, Roseville, CA 95678
2 326 $104,743,924
A percentage of AUM

    List of Additional Advisors in Roseville, California*

    * Additional advisors listing is provided in partnership with Yext

    Financial Advisor Office Location Phone Number
    1227 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Suite 200, Roseville, CA  95678 916-297-6394
    1420 Rocky Ridge Dr, Ste 200, Roseville, CA  95661 916-789-9393
    1478 Stone Point Dr, Suite 500, Roseville, CA  95661 916-797-7731
    1478 Stone Point Dr, Suite 500, Roseville, CA  95661 916-788-9410
    1478 Stone Point Dr, Suite 500, Roseville, CA  95661 916-797-7754
    2360 Professional Drive, Suite 200, Roseville, CA  95661 916-788-1812
    3741 Douglas Blvd, Ste 290, Roseville, CA  95661 916-677-1640
    1430 Blue Oaks Blvd, Ste 290, Roseville, CA  95747 916-580-2180
    1420 Rocky Ridge Dr, Ste 200, Roseville, CA  95661 916-380-3177
    1420 Rocky Ridge Dr, Ste 200, Roseville, CA  95661 916-787-5628

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Financial advisors and financial planners in California differ in their scope of services and qualifications. A financial advisor provides a variety of services such as investment management, retirement planning, wealth management, and more, depending on the need of an individual. In contrast, a financial planner is a qualified professional who creates personalized financial plans for clients, focusing on areas including retirement, tax, and estate planning. Planners hold specific credentials (CFP, CFA, etc.), and have a fiduciary duty to act in their client's best interests. To learn more, read on about the differences between Financial advisors and financial planners.

      When choosing a financial advisor in California who specializes in socially responsible investing, be sure to ask the advisor about their approach to screening investments for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. You can also search for advisors who are members of organizations like the Sustainable Investment Professional Certification (SIPC) or the US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment. Additionally, you may also use our free advisor match service to get matched to and compare 2 to 3 financial advisors who meet your specific requirements. To further understand a financial advisor's approach to socially responsible investing, consider using the following 6 Questions On Sustainable Investing That You Should Ask Your Financial Advisor.

      When choosing a financial advisor in California, look for some common credentials like Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), etc. These designations indicate that the advisor has undergone rigorous training and testing in the field of financial planning and is committed to upholding high ethical standards. To ensure you are making a more informed decision while picking an advisor, explore the 6 common financial advisor certifications you need to know. To further explore the various credentials an advisor can hold, read more about advisor designations.

      To ensure that a financial advisor in California prioritizes your best interests, seek out advisors who adhere to a fiduciary standard, which legally obligates them to act in your best interests and avoid conflicts of interest. When selecting an advisor, inquire about their fiduciary status and how they will consistently prioritize your interests. To make sure your best interests are being considered, learn more about the role of a fiduciary financial advisor and the support they can provide.

      A financial planner can help you choose the most suitable retirement plans based on your individual circumstances and financial goals, including a 401(k), IRA, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), and cash-balance pension plans. If you wish to learn more about planning for retirement, read more about the 4 Types of Retirement Plans.

      A financial advisor in California may assist you in reducing your tax burden through various strategies, such as optimizing deductions, implementing tax-efficient investment strategies, exploring retirement account contributions, and advising on tax-advantaged savings vehicles. However, WiserAdvisor's directory may not include advisors that specialize in taxes. In the "Advisory Services Provided" section, you will be able to confirm if tax advice and tax preparation services are among the services they offer.