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Roy Sherman, CFP®, CFA
Sherman Asset Management

Tel: 805-655-5062
1500 Palma Dr.
Suite 133
Ventura, CA 93003
Sherman Asset Management | Financial Advisor in Ventura ,CA

About Roy Sherman

I started working as a financial planner in 2014. I use my background in the fields of psychology, business, and financial planning to assist you in achieving your goals and navigating financial decisions. I specialize in helping solopreneurs maximize the effectiveness of their resources. I live with my wife and two children, and enjoy running, cooking, and travelling together.

About Sherman Asset Management

Sherman Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisor serving people anywhere in the United States.

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General Information

Firm Start Year:   2014
No. of Employees:   1
Number of Years with Current Firm:   10
Work with the following types of clients:   Individual Investors, Businesses
Advisory Services Provided:   Investment Advice & Management, Financial Advice & Consulting, Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning, 401K Rollovers, Wealth Management, Money Management, Risk Management, Education Funding and Planning, Financial Planning for Individuals, Financial Planning for Businesses, Financial Planning


Investment Types:   Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Options & Futures, Bonds, Stocks, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)
Can meet clients in the following ways:   Our Office, Email, Phone, Video Conference

Firm Information

Firm's Number of Clients:   56
Assets Managed by Firm:   $121,000,000
Advisor's Number of Clients:   56
Assets Managed by Advisor:   $121,000,000

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure:   Fee-Only
Minimum Portfolio Size for New Managed Accounts:   No asset minimum
Compensation Methods:   Flat Fee, Hourly, Based on Assets
Fee % Based on Assets:   0.6%
Hourly Rate:   $300
Additional Details on Charges:   Clients are charged a financial planning fee and an asset-based fee (if applicable).

The financial planning fee is $2,400. You receive unlimited time with your advisor and covers goals and cash flowing planning, retirement planning, investment planning, debt management, and insurance planning. It also covers tax planning and estate planning, done in conjunction with your tax preparer and estate planning attorney. If anything unexpected comes up there is no additional fee for financial plan updates and advice. This financial planning fee is required as part of your ongoing relationship with your advisor

If you choose to also have your investments managed you pay a 0.6% annual asset-based fee on the value of your investments. This is not a requirement for investments you choose to implement and manage yourself.

If you choose a one-time engagement you are charged based on the number of hours worked on your plan. The rate is $300 per hour.

Financial Services

Financial Planning for Businesses

I specifically work with solopreneurs by using strategies that are only available to them. These strategies are designed to optimize tax strategy and build your investment portfolio.

Portfolio Management

My approach to portfolio management is to design a portfolio that supports your cash flow needs without taking unnecessary risk. I focus on reducing fees and taxes, and only make changes after careful and measured thought.

Estate Planning & Trusts

I work alongside your attorney to strategize the best way to protect your loved ones and your assets.

Tax Advice and Services

I work alongside your tax preparer to optimize your tax savings with investment selection and income/deduction strategy.


I provide access to fee-only, no-commission annuities if you need a secure income source.


Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy?

Yes, you may cancel the relationship with seven days notice. The easy cancellation policy incentivizes me to continuously provide you valuable advice.

Why should I choose you as my financial advisor?

In addition to the deliverables in the compensation section below you get the following benefits: 1) Confidence and peace of mind knowing you are on track, 2) Prevent costly mistakes by having a fiduciary by your side, 3) Keep up to date on any regulatory changes that you do not have to research yourself, 4) A professional to help you keep your emotions in check with your investments, 5) An objective perspective on your whole financial picture.

What are your qualifications? What is your education background?

I am a CFP® practitioner. A CFP® practitioner must always act as a fiduciary and act in the best interests of their clients. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from CSU Channel Islands and a Master's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Financial Planning from California Lutheran University.

How are you compensated? How will I pay for your services?

There are two fees: the financial planning fee and the investment management fee. The financial planning fee is $2,400 per year. It is paid monthly in $200 increments. In return you receive advice on goals and cash flow planning, investment allocation design, debt management, and risk management. I also work alongside your attorney and tax preparer to provide input on estate planning and tax planning. You receive real-time online access to your plan. Everything will be written out in a 12-month client service calendar, but if you require help outside of the scope of that calendar, you also receive unlimited phone, email, and videoconference access to me. The investment management fee is 0.6% per year, based on the average daily balance of your portfolio. Only accounts that are directly managed by me count toward this calculation. The financial planning fee is required. The investment management fee is not required if you decide to execute the investment management yourself.

What is your approach to financial planning?

First, I learn about your personal and financial circumstances and help you identify, select, and prioritize your goals. I analyze the information you provide and develop a set of recommendations and alternatives. After discussing those recommendations I assist you in implementing them. I monitor your financial plan and incorporate changes as needed.



WiserAdvisor provides referrals to financial professionals. WiserAdvisor is not a current client of advisor or advisory services. Financial professionals pay cash compensation for these referrals, which creates the incentive for WiserAdvisor to make these referrals, resulting in a conflict of interest.

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I have a clean record

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