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WiserAdvisor has over 20 years experience in matching the right financial advisor that is best suited to individuals like you in Clearwater, Florida. You need a financial advisor who will understand your financial situation and have the relevant financial qualifications to provide you with the right financial guidance and an insightful edge towards your financial journey.

Qualifications of Financial Advisors in Clearwater

Each and every financial advisor in our network from large Fortune 500 companies to small independent financial firms are pre-screened for industry experience, disclosures and registrations with SEC and FINRA. Collectively, our Pre-Screened advisors, serve thousands of happy clients, managing billions of dollars and providing financial freedom and security for families and individuals like you.

Qualified Financial Advisors in Clearwater, Florida
Financial Advisor Office Location Phone Number
Robert Cox, MBA, Ph.D., ChFC, RICP, AEP
Cox Financial Group
17757 US Highway 19 N., Ste 100,
Clearwater, FL  33764
(727) 420-6358
Michael Moffa
Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc.
3030 North Rocky Point Dr. West,
Tampa, FL  33607
(813) 321-1572
Evan Conley
KASE Wealth Advisors
4302 Henderson Blvd,
Tampa, FL  33629
(813) 769-9915
Robert Harwood
Harwood Financial Group
4601 W. North A Street,
Tampa, FL  33609
(727) 524-1427
Armand Atkinson, MS, CFP, CIMA, AIF
NBC Securities, Inc.
5426 Bay Center Dr, Ste 575,
Tampa, FL  33609
(727) 623-0346
Nathan Helms
Ameriprise Financial
1103 W Cleveland St,
Tampa, FL  33606
(813) 334-6500

Information on Qualified Financial Advisors in Clearwater

Qualifications CRD# 3261259
FirmCRD# n/a
Series 6, 7, 63, 65, 66

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based (Fee and Commissions), Based on Assets, Commissions, Flat Fee

Office Location 17757 US Highway 19 N., Ste 100,
Suite 100,
Phone Number (727) 4206358

About Cox Financial Group

My firm helps families and businesses protect their assets, their income and their lifestyle...using financial, insurance, and investment strategies and solutions. My mission is to build long- term relationships based upon honesty, trust, and mutual respect, while helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Qualifications CRD# 4922901
FirmCRD# 4922901
Series 7, 66

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based (Fee and Commissions), Based on Assets, Flat Fee

Office Location 3030 North Rocky Point Dr. West,
Suite 150,
Phone Number (813) 3211572

Michael Moffa is the president of Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc. Some of his accomplishments include being honoured as Central Floridas Premier Financial Advisor for 2016, as seen in The Wall Street Journal, and being a Forbes brand contributor. As a business owner himself, Michael understands the importance of having an objective, professional help in developing and implementing a financial plan. Michael leads a team of professionals who focus on clients they believe they can help in pursuing their financial objectives and goals. Their team serves clients experiencing major life changes, such as women in transition, family stewards, or thriving retirees. Whatever their particular needs, all of their clients share a common goal: to protect and grow their assets. Michael is a dedicated husband and a father to his two sons and daughter. He was born and raised in New York City, where he lived the majority of his life attending school and conducting a research analysis. He began his career as a computer network engineer before realizing his passion and transitioning into the financial industry. In his free time, Michael enjoys playing sports, attending and instructing mixed martial arts classes, playing an occasional round of golf, and global travelling.

About Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc.

At Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc., we focus on clients whom we believe we can help make a lasting difference in pursuing their financial objectives and goals. As a boutique firm, we offer a comprehensive suite of investment management and financial planning strategies, serving exclusive clientele of individuals, business owners, and affluent & ultra-high-net-worth individuals in order to provide high-level, personalized advisory service. Our team of fiduciary advisors specializes in serving clients experiencing major life changes, such as women in transition, family stewards, or thriving retirees. Whatever their particular needs, all of our clients share a common goal: to protect and grow their assets.

Qualifications CRD# 5684249
FirmCRD# 124583
Series 7

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based (Fee and Commissions), Based on Assets, Flat Fee, Hourly, Subscriptions

Office Location 4302 Henderson Blvd,
Suite 201,
Phone Number (813) 7699915

Keith Glaser has been developing individual financial strategies and providing investment consulting services for nearly 20 years. Formerly a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, he joined a boutique independent firm in 2009 where he was named a managing partner. Seeking more of a challenge, Keith followed his entrepreneurial spirit by becoming the Co-Founder and Managing Director of KASE Wealth Advisors in Tampa, Florida. Throughout his career, his practice has focused on assisting individuals and business owners with their financial needs from investment portfolio management to retirement planning.

About KASE Wealth Advisors

Keith Glaser and Scott Jackson have been in the financial industry for over 19 years. Since 2009 both Keith and Scott have focused on financial and estate planning for affluent families. Our parent company,JW Cole, is a full service RIA and Broker/Dealer. We have our investment platform with Fidelity Investments. Clients benefit from our small size and flexibility by having access to proprietary growth models, open investment platforms, and a customized Financial Wealth Plan. We help our clients with financial planning, estate planning, IRA's,Roth IRA's, SEP's,401k's,annuities, managed accounts, life insurance, and asset allocation.

Office Location 4601 W. North A Street,
Phone Number (727) 5241427

I want to take a moment to introduce you to my family; my wife Ana, and our children Sofia and Adam. Like all of my clients, family is also my most valued asset. My personal and professional choices reflect not only the values I had growing up, but also my discipline as a pilot and officer in the United States Air Force, my dedication as a father and husband, and my devotion as a trusted financial professional. I care about the process of helping people achieve success, the significance of their desired life and financial outcomes, and the life-altering consequences of not protecting against risk. As a pilot and officer in the USAF, I learned many lessons that I now apply to my personal and professional life. The military stresses a value system that puts family, country, and others before self. It teaches people to lead, not just to follow. These are all great lessons that I continue to respect and follow.

About Harwood Financial Group

We are wealth managers and we help financially successful people navigate the challenging financial markets so that they can benefit from their endeavors and enjoy their time in retirement. We are a full service organization, from wealth management and tax reduction strategies to asset protect and estate transition planning. We do not measure our level of services against other financial firms- that just wouldn't be good enough. We strive to lead our industry in excellence. As Fiduciaries we work for you. Your assets are custodian at well-known firms such as Fidelity and TD Ameritrade. Through our arrangements with these firms we will be able to manage your finances in a manner that is aligned with your goals. We will not earn commissions from the assets we manage; we are simply paid a flat fee based on the assets we manage. When you do well, we do well.

Qualifications CRD# 5167229
FirmCRD# 112097
Series 7, 66

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based (Fee and Commissions), Based on Assets, Commissions, Flat Fee, Hourly

Office Location 5426 Bay Center Dr, Ste 575,
Phone Number (727) 6230346

Armand applies his investment and wealth planning experience to provide comprehensive solutions for business owners, families and individuals. He believes in a systematic approach to money management and having a detailed process that is based on the foundation of intellectual rigor and discipline. Armand holds a Masters of Science Degree in Personal Financial Planning. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional and holds the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) designation through the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, among other industry recognized designations. He was born in St. Petersburg Florida and grew up in the island of Jamaica. Armand has fond childhood memories of raising goats on his families farm in Hanover, Jamaica. Armand returned to the United States in 2002 and attended Eckerd College in St. Petersburg where he received a degree in Economics. Having grown-up in Jamaica and living on a farm, Armand has a true understanding of hard work & dedication, and understands what it takes to be successful. Armand currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida and enjoys networking and being active within his community. His hobbies include playing & watching soccer, cycling, and when he is able to get away from the office, traveling. Armand is a member of the following Professional Associations & Organizations: * College for Financial Planning Alumni Association * Eckerd College Alumni Association * Financial Planning Association of Tampa Bay * Investment Management Consultants Association

About NBC Securities, Inc.

Armand is an independent financial advisor with NBC Securities, Inc., located in Tampa, Florida. He and his team are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP) professionals, and function as Fiduciary advisors for his clients when building/managing portfolios or doing comprehensive financial planning. He and his team are eager to hear your story and begin to assist you in creating the chapters ahead. Whether it's planning for retirement, investing in your childrens education or ensuring you receive objective advice on a full-range of financial products, they recognize it's your story. They always put your interests first as they function as Fiduciary Advisors. They will guide you through the financial planning process, help you select appropriate solutions, and ensure consistent monitoring for proactive modifications. From the strength of their team of experienced advisors, to the investment and technology platform provided by RBC Correspondent Services, a division of RBC Capital Markets. Armand, his team, and NBC Securities, Inc., is ready to help you create the future you choose.

Qualifications CRD# 5362846
Series 6, 7, 65, 66

Compensation/Fee Fee-Based (Fee and Commissions), Based on Assets, Commissions, Flat Fee, Hourly

Office Location 1103 W Cleveland St,
Phone Number (813) 3346500

I grew up in Winter Haven, FL. Played baseball and basketball through high school. I lettered in baseball at the University of Florida as a pitcher. I enjoy traveling, playing golf, reading, college football, and spending time with friends and family. I have an older brother and sister. My mother is a retired teacher and my father is a judge.

About Ameriprise Financial

Nathan has dedicated his practice to providing his clients with a comprehensive, well integrated financial plan that encompasses all aspects of their financial lives working in concert to help them pursue their goals. From savings and investing to tax planning and protection as well as a thought out plan for the eventual distribution of your assets in the most efficient, tax advantaged way possible so that your assets have the best chance to last your entire lifetime and perhaps beyond. A staple of Nathan’s business is client service. His relationship with clients is unique in the fact that he proactively communicate with them on a regular basis to answer any questions they have and to make sure they remain on track to reach their goals.

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