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About Lead Life by Design

Are you tired of struggling with your finances? Lead Life by Design in Jupiter, FL, was founded by author and blogger Shiela Wood, who was once struggling with money herself. She started her business in the hopes that she could help others change their lives by sharing strategies and financial advice she used to get out of debt and change her own life. From one-on-one coaching and access to a private, supportive Facebook group to a rigorous nine-month course, you can choose to work with Sheila in a way that will be most effective for you. Shielas own transformation was prompted by her divorce, after which she found herself thousands of dollars in debt with no job to support herself and her daughter. She started working at a credit union and began to consider her relationship to money, evaluating the lessons shed internalized throughout her life and considering how those lessons affected her present. While in grad school, she gained a deeper understanding of how events from her chil

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