Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM)

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In order to be considered for this designation, a candidate must first have at least three years experience in managing investment portfolios. The candidate must then complete undergraduate or graduate studies in finance, tax, accounting, law or obtain a CPA, MBA or Masters of Science (MS) from an accredited university. Another option is to complete at least five courses approved by the conferring organization, the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM).

Issuing Organization:

American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)


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Susan is in her mid 60s, retired school teacher, married, has grandkids and loves gardening and is involved in her church community.

Portfolio Size:

$200K in 403(b) and $35K cash to invest.

Arrow UpFormer Advisor put our cash in a cookie-cutter investment plan and we wanted to find alternative options...
... WiserAdvisor helped us connect with Brian who had clients similar to our situation.Arrow Down