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About J.K. Financial, Inc.

J.K. Financial, Inc. is a Fee Only, Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm that acts as a fiduciary for clients. The firm's founder, John A. Kvale is a CFA Charter holder, and CFP designee, with 18 years of experience. Incorporated in 1995, with the sole purpose of financial advisory services, J.K. Financial, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm specializes in investment management, and proactively selects individual equities, ETFs, low cost mutual funds, and individual bonds for client portfolios, on a fully discretionary basis. J.K. Financial, Inc does not accept commissions, soft dollars, or order flow rebates. Members of the firm strictly adhere to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics. The firm currently accepts new clients, with investable assets of $1,000,000 or more.

General Information

Firm Start Year:   1991
No.of Employees:   5-9
Gender:   Male
Name of Custodial Firm:   TD Ameritrade Institutional
States Licensed in:   TX
Number of Years with Current Firm:   29
I work with the following types of clients:   Businesses, Individual Investors, Non-Profit Organizations
Advisory Services Provided:   401K Rollovers, Insurance Planning, Annuities, Financial Planning for Individuals, Retirement Planning


Investment Types:   Bonds, Options & Futures, Mutual Funds, Stocks

Qualifications & Memberships

Financial Organization Memberships:   CFA Institute, Financial Planning Association (FPA)

Firm Information

Firm's Number of Clients:   106
Firm's Number of Planning Clients:   106
Firm's Number of Managed Clients:   106
Assets Managed by Firm:   $100,000,000
Assets Managed by Advisor:   $100,000,000


Registered Investment Advisor:   Yes
I am an acknowledged fiduciary:   Yes
Compliance Disclosures in Last 5 years:   I have a clean record
Criminal Disclosures in Last 5 years:   I have a clean record

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure:   Fee Only
Minimum Portfolio Size for New Managed Accounts:   $1,000,000


  • Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy? Yes, there are no charges to visit as well.
  • Why should I choose you as my financial advisor? CFP and CFA as well as 28 Years in the Investment Business.
  • What are your qualifications? What is your education background? Total Wealth Manager Catering to all parts of a client's life
  • How do you charge for your services? Complete Financial Planning
  • How are you compensated? How will I pay for your services? 106
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John Kvale

John Kvale


John A. Kvale CFA, CFP, is the founder of J.K. Financial, Inc. and with 29 years of industry experience is currently the president of J.K.Financial, a fee only total financial planning. J.K. Financial specializes in total concierge financial planning and wealth management. The company has a global presence, serving individual and institutional clients across the United States as well as multiple clients residing in foreign countries.

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My Services

Financial Planning for Individuals

A total holistic client endeavor is our approach and what we have learned over the past 25 years that offers both the client and the advisor the best mutually rewarding, sustainable, safe, and simple way of meeting the financial goals fo clients. Our proprietary complete life on one page report that is constantly updated and always available to clients, their other professional advisors (i.e. Bankers, CPA, Attorney) helps to assure their goals and monitor our collective progress in meeting their goals and attaining financial security. We act as a Fiduciary for clients, which means we ONLY work the client, not an outside company or major institution. We do not accept commissions of any type further expanding objectivity and full disclosure. Clients always know exactly how much we charge and how we earn our keep.

Retirement Planning

As a specialist in retirement planning our recommendations are various depending on the situation and often are derived through our professional knowledge as well as our multi-decades of actual experience. As a very important part of the client total retirement portfolio, 401ks and the like require detailed analysis, allocation and constant monitoring, which we provide. Our proprietary research on early commencement of aggressive allocations with a gentle reduction of risk as size, age and economic situations transpire helps us in directing, allocating and analyzing 401k portfolios for clients. In a word, we help maximize your 401k or other similar retirement plan through our directives. As clients near retirement, emphasis is given on sustainability over growth. With a constant eye on risk, generally risk is lowered as retirement draws nearer. Pensions, social security, and any other income streams have a right and wrong answer as to when to commence, depending on the specific situation. We use our proprietary, easy to analyze analysis to help the client determine when to turn on what income stream. Safety, sustainability, and simplicity are the ways we help clients achieve success during the retirement stage.

401K Rollovers

Old employers 401ks are often the remnants of career changes which so frequently occur this day and age. Simplicity and control dominate the review process and most recommendations are to take control of all assets, thereby rolling the 401k into a highly controllable personal plan with virtually unlimited investment options. A review of investment options, tax liabilities and personal planning determines the availability of continued tax deferred investment options. Our proprietary analysis helps clarify the decision to cash out, hold or rollover a 401k plan. Most often early withdrawals from 401k plans can avoid tax penalties if structured appropriately.

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