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At Good Life Financial Advisors of NOVA, we are an independent advisory firm focused on serving government employees, government contractors, and military personnel. Specializing in overall retirement and cash flow planning, we provide structure and guidance to clients in all stages of life. Whether youre still working or have been retired for years, we can help. We are firm believers that managing money well is a key component to living well. Not everybody has the financial preparation thats needed to manage all of the financial details that arise through each stage of life. Nor do most people have the time necessary to dedicate to these important decisions. Weve found that many clients start to get more serious about financial planning as they reach their late fifties and early sixtiesas theyre getting close to retirement. They want to put all of the financial pieces of the puzzle together. We help put those pieces into place, taking into consideration all of the unique charac

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Services:   Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, College Savings, Social Security, Medicare Planning, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance

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